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Power            W     1200w

Voltage            V     220v/50hz

Tank            L     35-40

Working width    mm     1200

Product size   L*B*H 62*42*87CM

Description: DT-35E MULTIFUNCTION SOFA CARPET CLEANER cleaning machine is a very powerful professional machine that can directly clean carpets in depth. It is easy to operate, with three functions of water absorption/water spraying/rolling brush. The separate water tank is equipped with a strong suction pump and a high-speed rotating brush, which can easily perform deep cleaning on the carpet, the effect is visible, and the carpet does not leave traces, this machine is your perfect carpet cleaning master. Features:
* Three function is one carpet wash new upgrade-(Absorb/Spray/Brush).
* Easy to operate. * Powerful suction pump.
* Detachable.
* Traceless cleaning.
* Speed roller brush.
* Transparent sewage cover.


Item specification    unit           D 200R

Power                     W           170-200

Voltage                     V                   200

Tank                      L           7P

Working width           mm          3600

Product size        L*B*H           15

DT-35E sofa carpet cleaning machine adopts advanced wet absorption technology, and it only takes three steps to clean the sofa. The transparent water tank design makes it more convenient and accurate to add water, and at the same time, it can ensure the separation of clean pollution and avoid secondary pollution. The 10cm large suction head makes the decontamination effect clear at a glance, giving you a clean and comfortable room environment. Features
Deep Moisture Absorption.
Strong Suction.
Clean and Separate.
Moisture absorption Technology three-step cleansing and renewal.
1. Strong pressure seepage-( press on demand spray water instantly spray evenly).
2. Low-wear fine brush-( Flexible as silk clean without damaging material).
3. Focus on suction design-( Suck out stains on the bottom of the fabric).

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